Choosing The Appropriate Phase Perfect Digital Phase Converter

Choosing a Phase Perfect digital phase converter for your application is easy.

Because it provides balanced power for all sizes and types of loads, there is no need to oversize a Phase Perfect for voltage-sensitive applications such as elevators and HVAC equipment. As a Phase Perfect digital phase converter provides high momentary currents while maintaining voltage balance, it can start heavily loaded motors with ease. Phase Perfect can safely and efficiently operate virtually any three-phase load within its rated capacity.

You can be assured that a Phase Perfect digital phase converter will deliver performance that matches the published specifications. Simply match the nameplate specifications of your 3-phase equipment to the HP rating or the output current of a Phase Perfect.

No Restrictions on the Type of Application

Multiple motor loads, resistive and capacitive loads, hard-starting loads and voltage-sensitive loads like submersible pumps and CNC machines can all be operated safely and efficiently.

Optional Features

Phase Perfect digital phase converters are available in either indoor Type 1 or outdoor rainproof Type 3R enclosures. When equipped with the optional Motor Starter feature, the converter can start and protect a single motor load directly from the output of the converter, eliminating the need for the motor load to be equipped with a starter and overload protection. The EMI option includes a special enclosure and additional filtering to reduce electromagnetic interference. Please contact us for more info.

PhasePerfect 480V


The wait is over!

3 Phase Power Systems introduces the Phase Perfect 480V digital single-phase to three-phase converter!

Are you looking to reduce the wear and tear on your equipment motors as well as save money on utility costs?

Phase Perfect®480V Digital Phase Converter is a revolutionary solid-state solution for numerous applications, such as center-pivot irrigation and water pumping systems. It’s efficient, easy to setup, field serviceable and can withstand even the harshest of temperatures.

3 Phase Power Systems, distributor of Phase Perfect® Digital Phase Converters and rugged, outdoor, low harmonic, regenerative Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), is excited to announce the world’s first 480V solid-state digital phase converteris now available for purchase.

This new patented technology is a game-changer, drastically improving power consumption (97% efficient) and voltage balance (balanced within 1%). Its clean sinusoidal power is safe for sensitive electronic pivot panels and protects against motor damage.

The new Phase Perfect®480V converter is a major advancement in phase conversion technology with enormous benefits for agricultural operators and provides significant cost savings over time.

Advanced engineering and a rugged design ensure years of trouble-free operation even in harsh outdoor environments. Phase Perfect®480V converters are available in models from 7.5-30 HP which includes NEMA 1 indoor rated as well as NEMA 3R outdoor rated enclosures. There are also add-on accessories such as premium surge protection and an integrated circuit breaker with service rated disconnect, all at a price competitive with older rotary phase converter technology.

Integrated & Optional Accessories:

- NEMA 3R Outdoor Rated Enclosure
- NEMA 1 Indoor Rated Enclosure
- Premium Strikesorb Surge Arrestors
- Integrated Circuit Breaker with Service-Rated Disconnect



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