Active & Passive Harmonic Filters

Higher power quality = Better performance.

Any industrial process involving sophisticated electronics and motor control technology is going to generate some electrical distortion, or harmonics. If left unmitigated, harmonics can lead to equipment overload, reduced operational lifespan and considerable maintenance and replacement costs.

One way to mitigate this danger is through harmonic filters from 3 Phase Power Systems. We carry a wide range of active and passive harmonic filters, and we have the expertise to analyze your system and your needs and consult with you on the best possible solution.




MTE Matrix AP Harmonic Filters

Available in 1600A, 2000A, and 2300A Open Panel 480V, 60Hz

Matrix AP is the most advanced passive filter on the market today. Most traditional filters work fine at 100% power load but severely underperform at lower loads. Matrix AP is different, because we know that almost no one runs at full load all the time.

Its patented Adaptive Passive Technology virtually eliminates harmonic distortion by adapting to varying power loads. It delivers better THID performance, increases energy efficiency, and allows you to meet IEEE-519 requirements. Its unique design generates less heat and is easy to install and maintain. Plus it is generator compatible. With Matrix AP Harmonic Filters, power quality, energy efficiency and reduced downtime are all easy to achieve.

Adapts to wider load range

Achieves superior harmonic mitigation and better THID performance over a wider load range.

Best performance in industry

Patented passive filter technology makes Matrix AP best on the market today.

Extends the service life of electrical equipment

Increased efficiency and power protection helps equipment perform for the long term.

Generator compatible

Allows harmonic mitigation in areas where power is difficult to find.

Industry leading three-year warranty– Provides peace of mind.



Schaffner ECOsine Active Harmonic Filters

ECOsine Active is the new generation of active harmonic filters (AHF). It reliably mitigates harmonics and compensates voltage dips as well as reactive power. ECOsine Active improves power quality in real time.

ECOsine Active’s functionality can be compared to waves in the ocean: If two waves of opposite height and intensity meet, they cancel each other out. The AHF analyzes network disturbances and provides an opposing compensation current. In doing so, ECOsineActive actively adapts to fluctuations and responds in less than half a millisecond. Its compact dimensions, simple installation and digital intelligence allow for a quick and straightforward integration in the most diverse applications.


ECOsineActive responds to disturbances in less than 300μs and eliminates them before they can cause damage.


The smallest 30 A filter is handy, small, and easy to install. The 300 A cabinet unit provides the highest performance in the most compact package.

Optimized for maintenance:

Thanks to its design, the central modules in the 200 to 300A industrial models can be removed in less than 15 minutes (MTTR).

Suitable for industrial use:

With the IP54 protection class, ECOsineActive is resistant to dust and other environmental influences.

Numerous options:

The ECOsineActive range covers specifications from 30 to 300 A and 400 to 480 V and 200 to 690 Vin either 3 or 4-wire technology.


ECOsineActive compensates for individual disturbance patterns in a targeted manner and automatically adapts to changing network topologies.


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