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Power control solutions for Water/Wastewater facilities

Water/wastewater facilities require complex systems to perform efficiently while also meeting the challenge of rising energy costs. That’s exactly where 3 Phase Power Systems can help. Did you know, for example, that controlling pump speed with a VFD rather than water flow through throttling valves can cut energy use in half with just a 20% reduction in speed?

We’re incredibly proud to serve the people dedicated to providing our communities with clean, reliable drinking water and disposing of wastewater in a safe and sustainable manner.

Whether we’re applying the latest VFD technology to reduce your energy costs or installing an Uninterrupted Power Supply system to ensure maximum uptime, we have the solutions, the creativity and the expertise to meet your operational goals.

We offer a wide range of drives, low & medium voltage distribution, MCCs, switchgear, transformers and UPSs, all integrated to work together.

Our power solutions for Water/Wastewater facilities include:

Vacon incorporates the latest in VFD technology and has actively developed benchmark applications tailor-made for water and wastewater handling. These applications include pump control, hose filling, pump supervision and multiple pump control (PFC) applications. Vacon also supplies AC drives to irrigation plants and some of the world’s largest desalination plants.

GE’slatest range of MV7000 medium voltage drives (power range up to 81 MW) is based on a modern IGBT device. This provides high performance, steady state speed and torque holding in addition to high dynamic response.GE’s LV7000 Low Voltage drives cover needs from 0.75kW up to 3.6MW.By using variable speed solutions, GE helps you:
Ensure peak efficiency across the entire velocity range

Drive performing water process control

Imcrease the lifespan of your mechanical equipment

Prevent the “water hammer” pressure effect

Increase availability in case of a grid fault

The Evolution Series E9000 Motor Control Centre provides a safe, flexible and centralized means to protect and control your motors.Since 1948, GE has driven the development of motor control centres, from the first plug-in combination starter to the first fully segregated units to contain fault damage.
The Evolution Series E9000 introduced the first 600A plug-in units and the first snap-in low voltage vertical barriers.

Evolution’s 850A vertical bus, snap-in shelves, plug-in feeders to 600A, and Plug-in starters to size 5 provide you with ultimate flexibility to both move buckets around and add more in the future.