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Vacon – Driven by Drives

Vacon VFD

Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) from Vacon

Vacon 20

A cost-effective solution for small commercial applications and machine builders. The Vacon 20 is available with input voltages ranging from 115 thru 600VAC, and a power range up to 18.5kw. This is a recommended solution for pumps, conveyors, and packaging, processing and washing machines. It can be connected to almost any fieldbus system, including CANOpen, DeviceNet and Profibus DP.

Vacon 20

Vacon NXS

The Vacon NXS is a high-performance variable frequency drive designed for the needs of heavy industry. The drive comes with a built-in 3% impedance line reactor to attenuate harmonics and protect the diode-bridge. This platform is available in 1/4HP thru 7000HP at 230 thru 690VAC input. The drive is construction is highly modular, and the control board can accommodate up to 5 i/o or fieldbus cards. In addition, just about every conceivable fieldbus protocol is supported natively. This drive is used for applications such as progressive cavity pumps, rod pumps, fans, conveyors, rock crushers, water injection pumps, centrifuges, and compressors.

Vacon NXS-4

Vacon NXP IP00 and Common DC Bus

Building on NXS platform, the NXP IP00 delivers high-performace control and the ultimate solution in terms of flexibility. The IP00 and Common DC Bus encompasses multi-pulse (12, and 18 pulse) solutions, Active-Front-End Solutions, Brake Choppers and Standard Inverters. As a systems integrator, this is the most flexible building block to create drive solutions that we have found.

Vacon X-Series

The Vacon X-Series is the toughest out-of the box drive on the planet. With built-in heating to withstand cold temperatures and a rugged Nema 4X enclosure up to 100HP, Nema 3R between 100 and 200HP, this drive is unlike anything else in production. Available in 115,230,480 and 600V models, up to 200HP, the X-Series is the true easy-to-use solution that can be installed anywhere in your facility.

Vacon X-Series

Vacon 100 HVAC

The Vacon 100 HVAC is the most advanced HVAC drive on the planet. Incorporating Thin-Film capacitor technology that will solve the common problem of on-site failures during start-up, this drive is built-to last. It also has built-in BacNet IP and is available from 3 Phase with an integrated bypass solution. Currently available in 230 and 480VAC models up to 200KW.

Vacon Low Voltage Liquid-Cooled VFDs

Liquid cooled VFDs offer numerous advantages over air-cooled VFDs.We can install liquid cooled VFDs in sealed cabinets where air cooled VFDs would not survive, for example.They are extremely reliable and all power components are kept at a much more uniform temperature, extending the life expectancy of the drive.Some of the benefits of Vacon’s Liquid Cooled Drives:

  • Wide Power Range 5HP to 7000HP at both 480VAC and 600VAC.
  • Highest Power Density on the market.
  • Lightweight.
  • VFDs can be installed easily in explosion proof enclosures for Class 1 Div 2 and Div 1 areas.
  • Open-Loop cooling systems using potable water are very cost effective, but if potable water is not available, closed loop Glycol systems can be employed.
  • We do not need to de-rate liquid cooled VFDs for altitude.
  • Common DC-Bus modules are available.

3 Phase, together with Vacon, can offer an off-the-shelf cooling solution or design a cooling solution specifically for your environment, taking considerations such as size, ease of maintenance, and ambient temperature into account.