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Vacon VFD

Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) from Danfoss

Danfoss AC Drives


Danfoss General Purpose Drives for industry applications cover the full power range up to 1.4 MW.  With IP 66 and 690V our drives cover a wide range of application requirements

Danfoss AC Drives

Danfoss Dedicated Drives:

With Danfoss Dedicated Drives you simply get the broadest range of dedicated drives with specially designed features for HVAC, Food & Beverage, Water & Wastewater, Refrigeration, Chemical, Marine, and Mining applications.




Danfoss Enclosed Drives

Traditional and Vertical Panel designs offter the installer and drive user a flexible drive system featuring main supply disconnect convenience to help ensure operator safety and system protection. Engineered panels are available in a variety of configurations with user-specified options to best match individual application requirements.

Danfoss Decentral Drives

In installations with large numbers of small drives spread over a significant physical area it makes sense to get the control closer to the motors. Save control room costs, cabling costs and ease drive identification and troubleshooting and get full flexibility in motor choice and energy efficiency.

Danfoss FC 51

The VLT® Micro Drive is a general-purpose drive that can control AC motors up to 22 kW.

VLT® Micro Drive is a full member of the VLT® family sharing the overall quality of design, reliability and user-friendliness.

Danfoss FC 101

The HVAC Basic Drive delivers efficient, basic control of fans and pumps in HVAC applications, and it is the most compact unit in its class. Integrated DC coils reduce harmonics to an absolute minimum, and the Automatic Energy Optimizer saves 15-25% energy from the moment you turn the it on. Achieve the lowest cost of ownership with a premier drive dedicated to ventilation, heating, and refrigeration applications.

Danfoss FC 102

The VLT® HVAC Drive is a full-featured drive available in a wide power range. The design of every VLT® HVAC Drive is based upon 25 years of experience and innovation; with built-in intelligence this drive is designed for a wide range of HVAC applications.

Danfoss FC 103

Specially designed for the needs of refrigeration applications, but also capable of running pump and fan applications.

Regardless if you want to operate compressors, pumps or fans, the VLT® Refrigeration Drive FC 103 provides you the possibility to save energy and extend the lifetime of the components.

The VLT® Refrigeration Drive allows the user to profit from the speed control by saving energy and prolonging lifetime of essential equipment.

Danfoss FC 202

The VLT AQUA Drive is optimized for AC motor driven water wastewater, and irrigation applications.

User friendly Smart Start setup of water and pump settings reduces installation time ensuring maximum energy efficiency and motor control, and allows you to achieve the highest level of performance and the lowest cost of ownership quickly and easily.

Danfoss FC 301 & FC 302

Designed for variable speed control of all asynchronous motors and permanent magnet motors, on any industrial machine or production line; a VLT® AutomationDrive helps you save energy, increase flexibility, and optimize processes.

Danfoss FC 322

The VLT® Automation VT Drives are specifically engineered to save energy, reduce up front and operating costs, and maximize uptime in industrial variable torque fan, pump, blower and compressor applications. They are available for 240 and 480 VAC single and three phase, or 575 and 690 VAC three phase operation with ½ up to 1400 HP, along with a wide range of industrial enclosure options, to support varied performance needs.

Danfoss VLT Low Harmonic Drive

The Danfoss VLT® Low Harmonic Drive is the first solution combining an active filter and a drive in one package. It continuously regulates harmonic suppression according to the load and grid conditions without affecting the connected motor, and meets all present harmonic standards and recommendations

Danfoss 12-Pulse VLT Drives

The Danfoss 12-pulse VLT® drive offers reduced harmonics for demanding industry applications above 250 kW.

Danfoss VLT - Preferred Harmonic Design

The VLT PHD Preferred Harmonic Design (PHD) is a full-featured dedicated drive solution when conformance to IEEE-519 is required, even at the drive terminals.

Danfoss 12-Pulse & 18-Pulse

Compact, cost-effective and completely integrated system for applications requiring enhanced harmonic control. Packages seamlessly combine the reliability and advanced performance for the VLT® Series Drives with best in class 12 & 18 pulse harmonic reduction technology.

Danfoss FCD-300

The VLT® Decentral Drive FCD 300 is a complete drive designed for decentral mounting.It can be mounted on the machine or wall close to the motor, or directly on the motor.

The decentral design eliminates the need for space-consuming control cabinets and the need for long screened motor cables is significantly reduced

Danfoss FCD-302

The VLT® Decentral Drive FCD 302 is based upon the VLT® AutomationDrive FC 302 platform, and the perfect fit for direct machine mounting.

The unique design simplifies ordering, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance. No need for field distribution or dropdown boxes and no external 24V DC supply is required.

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