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Your Three Phase Power System Solution

We Can Meet Your Motor Control and Power Systems Needs with One of Our Leading-Edge Solutions!

At 3 Phase Power Systems, we provide you with all of your Motor Control and Power Conversion needs. We are with you every step of the way to make sure you know that we are providing the best possible solution for your power system needs.

We know that your productivity is determined by your ability to operate your electrical equipment effectively and efficiently. Whether you are working in heavy industries such as mining or municipal water treatment, we will help you find the right solution for your application. 3 Phase Power systems is your solution provider for motor control centres, power distribution, and variable frequency drives. We are proud to support our technology partners around the globe and continually strive for innovation and excellence.

Why A 3PPS VFD Solution May Be Right for You

At 3 Phase Power Systems, we work with an industry leader in Danfoss drives. Danfoss VLT and Vacon brands are top performers in heavy-duty industrial applications in, for example, the marine and offshore, oil and gas, metals, mining and minerals, pulp and paper, energy and chemical industries. For further support in choosing the right drive for your application, please call us.

Phase Perfect is Your Affordable Solution

Phase Perfect is the affordable, convenient alternative to utility three phase power system for applications such as HVAC, irrigation, CNC, oil and gas, elevators, and wind converting. Built with the latest in solid state power and switching technology, the Phase Perfect operates all types of three-phase equipment, including voltage-sensitive equipment while providing high efficiency and energy conservation.

Our wide selection of services and our expert support will ensure that your operation runs as smoothly as possible.

We know your expectations will be surpassed by our consultative approach and intuitively designed power and control solutions. We take the time to ensure we fully understand your application so you get the right solution and maximum return on your investment. At 3 Phase Power Systems, we are proud to provide excellent and knowledgeable assistance, and an unwavering commitment to quality.

3 Phase Power Systems Is Your Industrial Power Conversion Expert

We want you to experience the 3 Phase Power Systems difference. We are one of the most respected suppliers of VFDs, motor controls, and industrial power conversion technology. We design solutions optimized for incredibly harsh environments, in grueling industries. We know our work stands up, because above all else we are committed to excellence in power quality solutions. We will provide the best possible solution for your power system needs.

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