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Variable Speed Drive (VFD) Repair Evaluation Form

  • There is a minimum evaluation fee per drive that is refundable if you proceed with the repairs as quoted or purchase a replacement drive from 3 Phase. Evaluation fees are
    • $150.00 each for Drives up to 30 hp
    • $300.00 each for Drives 40hp to 60 hp
    • $400.00 each for Drives 70 hp to 200 hp
    • $500.00 each for Drives 250 hp and larger
  • Repair Evaluation Verification Info Will be provided after repair evaluation approved.
  • Billing Details * Repair evaluation will not be approved with out .
  • Credit card information can be provided to (877) 903-4343 or submit separate Credit Card Consent Form.
  • Shipping Details Will be provided after repair evaluation is approved.
  • Standard repair will be quoted. If during the actual repair of the equipment additional damage is found the customer will be contacted by telephone, fax, e-mail, or a combination of these. Customer approval must be received prior to ANY work being performed. In the event product is found to have one or more of the following conditions:
    • extensive physical and/or electrical damage
    • missing vital/critical parts
    • unauthorized modification
    • repairing cannot restore the product to its original operating specifications; the product will be deemed un-repairable and, at customer’s option, returned to the customer or scrapped. Customers who request return of the Product will be invoiced a $100 fee plus shipping charges. The fee will be waived if product is scrapped at our facility.