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Switchgear you can depend on

Safety meets reliability at 3 Phase Power Systems

Controlling power flow across your entire facility, and delivering it efficiently and reliably to all of your processes, is no small task. Doing it safely, without loss of power quality and under ever-tightening budgetary constraints is the reality of today’s power system engineer.

Through our partnership with GE Industrial Solutions, we offer a comprehensive suite of switchgear options to help you manage your power circulation safely and efficiently.

GE’s EntelliGuard TU is the trip unit with the built-in flexibility to match your system’s needs – whether for optimum safety, optimum reliability or both at the same time. Whether you’re using all GE circuit breakers or a mixed system of breakers and fusible devices, the EntelliGuard TU will accommodate your needs with minimal compromise and maximum functionality.
The EntelliGuard TU trip unit delivers the industry’s most advanced instantaneous protection without compromising system selectivity.

Instantaneous – Zone Selective Interlocking (I-ZSI)

Builds on the Short Time and Ground fault interlocking by providing the ability to overlap the Instantaneous setting on the Main and Feeder breakers. Now I-ZSI can be used for selectivity!

Instantaneous – Waveform Recognition

Instantaneous trip is based on the amount of energy and duration versus a threshold current setting (MVT). Improves coordination with current limiting devices by discerning whether a downstream breaker/fuse is clearing the fault. Provides the ability to set the Instantaneous pickup below the peak let thru of a downstream current limiting device while maintaining selectivity!

RELT- Reduced Energy Let Through with Positive Feedback

Two independent instantaneous settings selectable via an external switch or Modbus communications with positive indication via an output contact. Commonly referred to an “Arc Flash Switch” or “Maintenance Switch.”

Entellisys represents a remarkable advance over traditional low-voltage switchgear. The product of both revolutionary and incremental change,it reflects GE’s unrivalled knowledge of power distribution and application-specific expertise gained over the course of a century. With Entellisys, organizations in a wide variety of industries have the ability to dramatically improve the way they manage their power distribution.
Entellisys Low-Voltage Switchgear offers a series of interlocking benefits that can help you take a better integrated, more responsive approach to your power distribution needs. At the same time, Entellisys sets the stage for even greater efficiency and productivity as your organization evolves.


Entellisys is much easier to install, monitor and maintain, even while offering greater functionality.


With Entellisys, you can add functionality that means the most to you without significant system downtime.

Arc Flash Mitigation:

Entellisys takes a two-pronged approach by reducing your activity risk while lowering incident energy.


Overlapping layers of redundancy, best-in-class diagnostics and selectivity make Entellisys a system you can depend on.

Remote Communication:

In a rapidly changing environment, Entellisys offers real-time visibility into your power distribution network and the switchgear protecting it.


Power transfers, load control and emergency restoration are critical in today’s switchgear – and Entellisys is there every step of the way

AKD-20 Low-Voltage Switchgear continues the tradition of GE’s AKD switchgear line while delivering enhanced arc flash protection. Built to ANSI standards, its protection features include non-vented panels and insulated and isolated bus, plus it integrates GE’s state-of-the-art EntelliGuard breaker-trip unit system. It also features an optimized footprint so that it now fits into a smaller area for the most common configurations.
Integral to the EntelliGuard G line are the new, state-of-the-art EntelliGuard TU Trip Units, which provide superior system protection, system reliability, monitoring and communications. The breaker-trip unit system delivers superior circuit protection without compromising either selectivity or arc flash protection.

The EntelliGuard breaker-trip unit system demonstrates yet again GE’s core competencies in reliable electric power distribution, circuit protection and personnel protection.

The AKD-20 includes many features that address the needs of system reliability, arc flash protection and reduced footprint size