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Sprecher + Schuh Soft Starters from 3 Phase Power Systems

Protection for your equipment – and your bottom line

Sprecher Schuh PCS Series

The PCS Softstarter Controller is one of Sprecher Schuh’s newest solid-state controllers, with rich features at an economical price. This softstarter is specifically designed to start 3-phase motors (up to 400HP@460V / 500HP@575V), but is very compact, easy to use and DIN-rail mountable for models up to 85A. Four standard starting modes are available with the PCS Controller:

•Soft Start

•Soft Start with Selectable


•Current Limit Starting

•Soft Start with Soft Stop

The PCS softstarter is available from 85A to 480A (up to 400Hp 460V). It’s a highly accurate and reliable device with increased intelligence in a compact footprint.

Sprecher Schuh PF Series

The PF Softstarter Controller provides intelligence, performance, flexibility and diagnostics in a modular compact design for controlling either a standard squirrel-cage induction motor or a star-delta motor. Seven standard and two optional starting modes of operation are available within a single controller.

This true three-phase controlling device includes electronic overload protection with programmable trip class, integral run bypass, increased motor and system diagnostics, configurable auxiliary contacts and multiple start and stop modes. The PF Controller comes equipped with a built-in keypad and LCD display for programming the controller parameter settings for the specific industrial application.

Sprecher Schuh PB Series
The PB Softstarter is a compact and economical solid state controller designed for single and three phase, low horsepower squirrel cage motors (up to 15HP @ 460V). The unit is designed to work in conjunction with an electromechanical motor starter. No additional control is required. Series PB Softstarters are ideal for constant torque starting applications such as conveyors, bridge cranes and overhead doors.

Decreases downtime.

In operation, the PB Softstarter reduces the starting torque surge typical of across-the-line starting. This provides smoother starts and decreases equipment downtime caused by shock and vibration problems.

For use anywhere.

Three voltage ranges between 200 and 600V assure that these units can be used anywhere in the world.

Many convenient features.

PB Softstarters are completely self-contained and require minimal mounting and installation. Digital rotary switches are quickly and easily set to the exact value. In addition, the units are maintenance-free with no mechanical parts to wear out.