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Solcon Soft Starters from 3 Phase Power Systems

Protection for your equipment – and your bottom line.

Solcon Industries HRVS-DN
Ratings: 2300-15000V, up to 48MW

The HRVS-DN is a reliable, heavy duty soft starter and is the ideal solution for medium voltage motor applications. Sophisticated, digital motor control ensures smooth acceleration and deceleration as it minimizes the effect of high in-rush current and mechanical torque shock.

With advanced features such as enhanced motor protection, starting curves, unique voltage measurement and many years of field-proven reliability, the HRVS-DN is the best choice for starting medium voltage motors in the most demanding applications.

Solcon Industries RVS-DN: Digital Control in a Rugged Packag
Ratings:8 – 3000A, 220-1200V (1200V up to 820A)

The RVS-DN is a heavy duty, full featured and highly reliable digital low voltage Soft Starter designed to operate in the most severe applications, such as Marine and Mining. It offers the widest range of low voltage power, starting from 8A up to 3000A. The microprocessor-based digital control has advanced features such as pump control, slow speed, electronic reversing and enhanced motor protection.

Solcon Industries RVS-DX

Ratings:8-1100A, 220-600V

Solcon’s RVS-DX compact digital soft starter incorporates enhanced start-stop characteristics, providing the ideal solution for most applications. The comprehensive motor protection package guarantees long-term reliability, while the built-in bypass design ensures excellent performance.r ipsum a elit

Solcon Industries Solstart Plus

Ratings:31-170A, 15-90KW, 220-600V

The Solstart Plus is a cost-effective soft start alternative using soft start & soft stop controls combined with built-in motor protection control. This is the ideal soft starter for OEMs.

Solcon Industries RVS-AX

Ratings: 8-170A, 220-600V

The RVS-AX provides an optimal solution for small to medium size motors, with the simplicity of analog control. Easy installation and operation but with built in Current Limit and Motor Protection, the RVS-AX is an ideal cost-effective replacement for Star-Delta and Auto-Transformer type starters.

The HRVS-TX transformer soft starter eliminates high inrush currents that cause nuisance tripping and prevent the damaging effects on transformer windings.