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3Phase Power Systems introduces the PhasePerfect 480V digital single-phase to three-phase converter!

Are you looking to reduce the wear and tear on your equipment motors as well as save money on utility costs?

Phase Perfect®480V Digital Phase Converter is a revolutionary solid-state solution for numerous applications, such as center-pivot irrigation and water pumping systems. It’s efficient, easy to set-up, field serviceable and can withstand even the harshest of temperatures.

3Phase Power Systems, distributor ofPhase Perfect®Digital Phase Convertersand rugged, outdoor, low harmonic, regenerative Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), is excited to announce theworld’s first480V solid-state digital phase converterisnow available for purchase.

This new patented technology is a game-changer, drastically improving power consumption (97% efficient) and voltage balance (balanced within 1%). Its clean sinusoidal power is safe for sensitive electronic pivot panels and protects against motor damage.

The new Phase Perfect®480V converteris a major advancement in phase conversion technology with enormous benefits for agricultural operators and provides significant cost savings over time.

Advanced engineering and a rugged design ensure years of trouble-free operation even in harsh outdoor environments.Phase Perfect®480V converters are available in models from 7.5-30 HP whichincludes NEMA 1 indoor rated as well as NEMA 3R outdoor rated enclosures. There are also add-on accessories such as premium surge protection and an integrated circuit breaker with service rated disconnect, all at a price competitive with older rotary phase converter technology.

Integrated & Optional Accessories:
·NEMA 3R Outdoor Rated Enclosure
·NEMA 1 Indoor Rated Enclosure
·Premium Strikesorb Surge Arrestors
·Integrated Circuit Breaker with Service-Rated Disconnect