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Power control solutions for the Oil & Gas industry

We power the equipment that powers Canada’s economy

In the Oil & Gas industry, more than in any other sector, eliminating downtime is critical. If your equipment stops functioning, or you’re forced to wait days for replacement parts or service, your bottom line feels every minute.

The harsh, remote applications commonly encountered in the Oil & Gas sector require robust, reliable and safe power control solutions that can handle anything your crews throw at them.

As Western Canada’s power control experts in the Oil & Gas industry, 3 Phase Power Systems has the expertise, experience and technology to power your operations and optimize your processes.

Top Drives – Single drives or common DC bus configurations. Complete E-House design & build with climate control and PLC system.

Drilling Rigs – drawworks, mud pumps, rotary table VFD systems

Jacking Systems

Shaker VFDs

Centrifuge VFD Systems


Pumps – large high horsepower packages (300 to 1500 HP)

Fracking Pumps

Recovery (Artificial Lift)

ESP Pumps – low & medium voltage VFD packages (200 to 4000 HP) complete with transformers & filters

PCP Pumps – Completely automated systems with extreme weather packaging & pump optimization VFD app.

Pump Jack VFDs, single & three phase packages

Pipeline – low & medium voltage active front-end low harmonic VFD Packages. Completely integrated E-house packaging.

Compressors – low & medium voltage active front-end low harmonic VFD packages. Completely integrated E-house packaging.


Pumps – large high horsepower packages (100 to 1500 HP)


In addition, we can offer the following engineered solutions:

Fully integrated E-House, container and skid packages

Low harmonic VFD systems

Low and medium voltage MCCs

Automation and control panels, marshalling cabinets