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Power control solutions for the Mining industry

There are few industries more demanding of their equipment than mining. That’s why, at mines throughout Western Canada and around the globe, you’ll find power control systems designed, manufactured and installed by 3 Phase Power Systems.

Our focus is – and always has been – to ensure our customers in the mining industry optimize their processes and enjoy long-term reliable, safe operation of their equipment.

From conveyor drives to bucket elevators and tailings pumps to centrifuges, we have the experience, expertise and manufacturing capacity to ensure your equipment works as hard as you do – today, tomorrow and well into the future.

Medium Voltage VFDs & Soft Starters (2.3kV, 3.3kV, 4.16kV, 6kV)
Air-cooled MV VFD 250 HP to 108,000 HP
Liquid-cooled MV VFD up to 10,000 HP
MV Soft Starters up to 33,500 HP

Medium Voltage MCCs

GE Limitamp 400A & 800A offering, 2400V – 7200V

Medium Voltage Switchgear

GE Power/Vac Metal Clad Switchgear 5kV(20KA) to 15kV (63KA)
1200 A to 4000 A continuous

Power Quality

MV Capacitor Banks and Harmonic Filter Backs
Voltage Sag & Flicker Mitigation
Thyristor Switched Harmonic Filter Banks

Medium Voltage Motors

Induction Motors (250 HP – 134,000 HP)

Low Voltage VFDs & Soft Starters

Air & Liquid cooled VFDs
Low Harmonic VFD solutions
Common DC bus solutions
Harsh & Hazardous area VFDs

Low Voltage MCCs

GE E9000 LV Motor Control Center
Available Nema 1, 12, 3R

Low Voltage Motors

Premium Efficiency TEFC/ODP motors
Permanent Magnet machines

Harmonic Filters

Passive Filters
Active Filters
Customer designed filters

PLC & I/O Control Panels
DCS Panels
Marshalling Cabinets
Junction Boxes

Motor Protection

  • We offer GE Multilin’s line of comprehensive motor protection, ranging from the trusted 369/469 relays to the new Multilin 869.

Transformer Protection

  • T60, High speed, three phase, multiple winding transformer relay.
  • T35 cost-effective transformer protection for up to 6 windings.
  • 745 High Speed draw-out multiprocessor-based relay.

Generator Protection

  • G60 provides protection for AC Generators and may be used on any size generator driven by steam, gas, hydraulic or other turbine.
  • G30 offers cost-effective protection for small- to medium-sized generators.
  • The 469 Generator Relay can be used as primary or backup protection on synchronous or induction generators of 25, 50, or 60 Hz.

Bus Protection

  • The B95Plus is a distributed low-impedance busbar protection system that utilizes the HardFiber IEC 61850 process bus technology to protect bus schemes up to 24 bays.
  • The B90 Bus Differential Relay is a comprehensive and scalable system that can be engineered to meet your specific application requirements.
  • B30 Bus Differential Relay is a cost-effective protection and metering system for up to six feeders.

Distribution Feeder Protection

  • The F60 Feeder Protection Relay provides protection, control, monitoring and metering in one integrated package.
  • The F35 Multiple Feeder Protection Relay provides protection, control, monitoring, and metering for multiple feeder applications.
  • The new 850 Feeder Protection System – a member of the new Multilin 8 series protective relay platform – provides primary or backup protection for underground and overhead medium-voltage feeders in industrial and distribution utility applications

Primary and Secondary Substation Transformers

  • 225 kVA – 15000 kVA

Power Tranformers

  • 5 MVA – 1000 MVA

Dry & Liquid Drive Isolation Tranformers

  • 6,12,18,24 pulse 15 kVA – 10,000 kVA