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Arc Flash Mitigation

Why the concern over Arc Flash?

While infrequent the impact of an arc flash is devastating and often deadly. It is estimated that there are 5-7 arc flash incidents per day that require hospital treatment and the financial impact is staggering. One insurance company estimates the average financial impact to be in excess of $750,000 per event.

To minimize the impact, you need to first reduce the frequency of the hazard and HRG Technology is proven in this regard.

The next task is to lower the impact and by reacting quickly to interrupt the flow of current this can be achieved. The arc detection relays from I-Gard detect the light signature from an arc in less than 1ms and send an interruption signal.

This reduces the impact of the hazard and often the level of PPE equipment required.

Arc Mitigation at the speed of light

Reduce the Time, Reduce the Damage, Reduce the Incident Energy.
An arc is developed within mili-seconds and leads to the discharge of enormous amounts of destructive energy. The energy in the arc is directly proportional to the square of the short-circuit current and the time the arc takes to develop.