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Save power & money through precision HVAC control

Power control solutions for Building Automation

The challenge is clear: maximize productivity while minimizing your energy costs – all the while maintaining critical building controls such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

3 Phase Power Systems makes it a snap. With solutions ranging from Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) for HVAC applications to Power Quality solutions such as Active Harmonic Filters, we’re your single source for building power and factory automation solutions.

Maximize your uptime with our UPS solutions and control your HVAC motors reliably and automatically so that you expend only as much energy as is absolutely necessary. Your shareholders will thank you.

Our Building Automation / HVAC solutions include:

The GE AF-600 FP drive, purpose-built for HVAC applications, is optimized for a range of variable torque applications, including fans, compressors and pumps. Its size makes it easy to mount in a control panel, and its sophisticated controls make it a perfect match with HVAC solutions.

At 3 Phase Power Systems, we specialize in active and passive harmonic filters that can help you comply with your local utility code and international power quality standards like IEEE 519-1992 or EN 61000-3-12. These filters reduce the electrical and thermal burden upon your electrical infrastructure, mitigate the risk of harmonics-related reliability problems and support long-term energy efficiency and cost savings.