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Aucom Soft Starters from 3 Phase Power Systems

Protection for your equipment – and your bottom line

Compact size

The CSXi is a compact and lightweight unit, so it is suitable for installation in small spaces and is the ideal replacement for older starters in existing motor control centres.

Integrated bypass contactors

Integrated bypass contactors simplify installation by reducing the need to select and connect additional equipment. Because the contactors are already contained within the starter, the overall size of the installation is also smaller. Bypassing the starter while the motor is running also reduces the amount of heating, so the starter can usually be installed with no additional ventilation.

Essential motor protection

In addition to the benefits of soft start and soft stop, which improve the operating life and efficiency of your equipment, the CSXi also protects your motor and load from damage during operation.

The CSXi models the motor’s temperature to prevent against operational overload, and bypass overload protection safeguards the starter from severe spikes in current. The starter also monitors the time taken to start and will trip if the motor cannot start within the allowed time, protecting against stalled loads.

The CSXi also protects against fluctuations in mains frequency and current, as well as incorrect installation.



CSXi soft starters integrate into your existing DeviceNet, Modbus, Profibus or Ethernet network using easy-to-install plug-in communication interfaces. The optional remote operator can be installed to provide remote feedback, including current, temperature and starter status.

Finger Guards

For enhanced personnel safety and protection, AuCom has developed insulating finger guards, which install quickly and easily onto 75 kW ~ 110 kW CSX Series units to provide IP20 protection.

EMX3 Soft Starter:

Starting Functions

•XLR-8 adaptive acceleration

•Constant current start mode

•Current ramp start mode


Stopping Functions

•XLR-8 adaptive deceleration

•TVR soft stop

•Brake mode

•Coast to stop


•Fully customisable protection

•Motor thermal model

•Motor thermistor input

•Phase sequence


•Instantaneous overcurrent

•Auxiliary trip input

•Heatsink overtemperature

•Excess start time

•Supply frequency

•Shorted SCR

•Power circuit

•Motor connection

•RS485 failure

•Motor overload

•Current imbalance

•Ground fault (optional)


•Large viewable screen, with real-language text.

•Status LEDs for immediate feedback.

•Start, stop, reset, local/remote push buttons.

•IP65 removable keypad.

•Unique wiring loom separates wires for easy install and allows access from top, left or bottom.

•Top and bottom cable retainers for tidier wiring.

•Small footprint and depth saves space.


•Remote mounting option

•Status LEDs

•Easy to read screen

•Real language feedback

•Multi-language options

•Shortcut buttons

Additional features

•Starter communication timeout

•Network communication trip

•Auto detection of inline or inside delta power connection

•Programmable auto start/stop

•24 VDC auxiliary power supply

•PT100 (RTD) input

•Real time clock with battery backup

•PowerThrough – enables the choice of continuous operation despite a power assembly failure. This allows production to continue while long-term remedial action can be taken.

•Forward and reverse jog function

•I/O expansion card (optional)


Communication modules

The EMX3 supports network communication using Profibus, Profinet, DeviceNet, Ethernet/IP, Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP protocols, via easy-to-install communication interfaces.

Finger guards

Enhance personnel safety by preventing accidental contact with live terminals. The finger guard kit fits EMX3-0220B to EMX3-1000B and provides IP20 protection when used with cables 22 mm or greater.

Input/output card

Add extra inputs and outputs for advanced integration:

•2 x inputs

•3 x relay outputs

•1 x analog input

•1 x analog output

RTD and ground fault

•6 x PT100 RTD inputs

•1 x ground fault input

To use ground fault protection a 1000:1, 5 VA current transformer is also required.

PC Software

Using AuCom’s custom designed WinMaster software you can control, monitor and program your EMX3 from your desktop computer.

The complete solution.

AuCom’s MVS medium voltage soft starters are an integrated solution for motor control and protection. MVS soft starters feature advanced soft start and soft stop functionality with extensive motor and system protection, plus a user-friendly interface and complete commissioning diagnostics.

MVS soft starters provide integrated motor starting and monitoring functions for the most demanding industrial situations. Advanced algorithms ensure ultra-smooth starting and stopping, and fully adjustable protection features maximise electrical and mechanical protection for your motor and system. A large-format display and detailed performance logs make setup and operation simple.

Flexibile options.

MVS soft starters are available in IP54 enclosures, with options for line and bypass contactors, earthing and isolation switches. AuCom can also design and build enclosures to meet particular specifications, and we offer full applications engineering support at all stages of the design process. For customers who prefer to build their own enclosures, MVS soft starters can be supplied in IP00 format or as a kit for local assembly.

The smallest soft starter in the world.
The MVX soft starter is the smallest medium voltage soft-starter in its class, with a smaller panel footprint than any other MV soft starter in the market today. Space is a big advantage in lowering your switchroom costs and provides more flexibility where space is needed like marine applications.

Current range:

Up to 450 A

Motor connection:


Rated voltage class:

Up to 15 kV

Mains frequency:

45 Hz to 66 Hz

The safest soft starter in the world.

To ensure your staff and plant are safe from arc fault, the MVX is the only choice. The MVX meets or exceeds all the relevant IEC standards for internal arc fault resistance. MVX L-series panels can even withstand an arc event in one compartment without affecting neighbouring compartments. Type tested panels meet Internal arc classification (IAC) AFLR to a maximum of 31.5 ka for 1 second.

Easier to service.

AuCom has eliminated complex disassembly to replace or service a part. The MVX starter with L-series panels are designed with easy rack-in, rack-out operation. Components can be inspected through viewing windows and are easily accessible via hinged doors or removable panels, while still keeping unauthorised people out.

More flexibility.

Don’t feel constrained in the choice of apparatus in your switchgear, AuCom panels are compatible with all of the major apparatus suppliers.

The MVX soft starter is available in a range of configurations up to rated voltage class 15 kVA and 450 A. AuCom has a full service capability to design and manufacture your entire Motor Control Centre.

The benefit of experience.

At every stage of the process, your AuCom team will work with you to create the ideal AuCom solution to meet the needs of your application and budget.